December 2019 was a terrible month

My sister’s death was a complete surprise. She was supposed to go grocery shopping for me and my mother that Saturday morning, and was going to call us before she left the motel. By 9am we hadn’t heard from her, and I was getting worried. Calls to her phone went unanswered. I called the motelContinue reading “December 2019 was a terrible month”

Book Review of ‘The Rending and The Nest’ by Kaethe Schwehn

I have a life-long love of apocalyptic fiction, and so the description of the book is what drew me in. I didn’t get anything I was expecting – but I got a fantastic story none-the-less. We’re never told what caused The Rending, and that’s ok, because the tale is intriguing and breathtaking. Kaethe Schwehn hasContinue reading “Book Review of ‘The Rending and The Nest’ by Kaethe Schwehn”

Book review of ‘Baby Teeth’, by Zoje Stage

Excellent look at some messed-up family dynamics. You want to dislike Hannah because of her obvious problems, but when the author writes in Hanna’s voice you, disturbingly, began to feel for her, and what drives her. Hanna’s mother, Suzette, has brought her own baggage – years of benign neglect from her own mother – andContinue reading “Book review of ‘Baby Teeth’, by Zoje Stage”