book-1950451_1920Oh, reviews…so important to a writer. Not necessarily for the author, but to encourage others to read the books. I won’t lie…I like getting good reviews. Take a peek here, for example:

But even more than that, I want to hear from a reader that they loved the writing. They liked a certain turn of phrase, or the way a character acted. They got a joke I snuck in, or they want to know why I wrote something. I want – I long¬†–¬† for that kind of contact from someone who’s read one of my books.

It really makes the writing and the publishing more worthwhile to me.

As weak as that may make me.


Today was the eclipse. I sat outside and watched the moon slowly block the sun, and it was incredible. Where I live, we didn’t get totality, but it was pretty damn close. So strange and beautiful to see a crescent sun. Everything was very quiet and still during the most complete stage of the eclipse, and I don’t mind admitting it was quite unnerving! Once the moon and the sun started to go their separate ways, I went back inside (I was at work). For me, the best part was the encroaching moon, and the sun slowly dimming. I have a love of apocalyptic fiction, and for a little while I could (safely) experience what it would be like to lose the sun and its light.


(The picture above is not what I saw – this is a white light image of the solar corona during an eclipse.)