Back again.

It’s been even longer than the last post. I had a couple of posts up promoting my books, but I took them down when I came back to the site.

It’s not been a good last few months for me. In December 2019, on my birthday nonetheless (and a Monday), I slipped on some ice in my backyard and fell, breaking my leg in three places. The ankle was bad enough to require surgery. This was terribly bad timing, as I was currently on FMLA from my work to take care of my mother. She lived with me, and had been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in Aug. 2018. She was never going to beat cancer, but she fought it to a standstill for a good long time before deciding that enough was enough. The week of my birthday she was going to start at-home hospice care.

So, having a broken leg and then needing surgery (Tuesday), and with my mother being weak enough that outside help was needed, I contacted my sister in Texas. She drove up to Wyoming and arrived the day after my surgery (Wednesday). My mother started hospice care on Thursday.

My sister was found dead in her hotel room on Saturday.


….to be continued

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